Hi, I’m Kristin

I create original surface patterns and designs, suitable for a wide range of products and personalities. I combine hand-painted and digital techniques to create designs as diverse as the surfaces they cover. Thanks for visiting, hope you like what you see.


Patterns & Designs

If you would like to purchase or license a design and need access to the full pattern library, please get in touch!

Custom Work & Collaboration

Let’s get the ideas and images out of your head and onto something real. Get in touch if you like my style and would like to work on something together.

MiM THREADS: the new home for our clothing line. Original art, all the time.

You’ll find our hand-painted and printed garments on MiM Threads. Original artwork hand-painted or printed on ethically produced and/or repurposed garments. Nice.



Hand Drawn & Vectorized

Designs in this collection were originally hand done in various mediums and then scanned or photographed to become vectorized, tweeked, and possibly tweeked again. If the design or illustration is printed in its original form, it will be noted as such.

We Believe You Can Never Have Too Many Cool T-Shirts

MiM apparel designs are 100% original

(minus inspiration from Matisse, Picasso, or someone fancy like that).

Patron saint of eccentricity

Art Tease by MiM

Dedicated to the insanely genius, creatives in our lives. Originally hand-painted on silk.


Lip Swag

Simple Wear by MiM

Cool, simple designs and colors to go with whatever you feel like wearing.


Sparring Muses Original

Art Tease by MiM

The Sparring Muses represent those multi-passionate creatives whose minds are consumed with artistic expression in all its forms – #gratefulformymind


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Let’s make cool stuff.

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