Muse in Mind Design is a platform for the integration of my skills and passion for all things, ART. It’s about the beauty of combining many things together to create something magnificent. Just like life.

I started Muse in Mind Design as a side business several years ago while attending a master’s degree program in education. As the mother of three girls, teaching seemed like the perfect profession at the time. Well, one master’s degree and a whole lot of money later, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to support my family (and pay back my student loans!) on a teacher’s salary. So, I fired up my design skills and artistic passion, renewed my business license, and here I am! And it’s about time.

My artistic style and brand are dedicated to the creative, young-at-heart, fun-loving, fashionable, ageless generation. People who approach life with a, “hard-SCHMARD-I’m-doin’-it-anyway”, attitude. Folks who focus on purposeful and intentional living. I have three diverse, wonderfully creative, beautiful inside-out girls. I want them to know that hard work pays off and their dreams are attainable if they GO FOR IT.

Thanks for being here and I hope you like what you see.



Jane is a character I created on canvas almost 15 years ago. I’m not saying she was the product of a mistake – there are no mistakes in art, right? Hmmm. Anyway, I was trying to paint statues from photographs in interpretive ways, and somehow ended up with this divine character in a tight black dress with an impressive rear end. My brain exploded with sassy things she might say, and I painted a different canvas depicting each funny thought. The Jane Collection appeared in a few galleries and I sold several of the paintings. I soon realized it would be more fun, and more efficient, to create Jane digitally. I began creating Jane in Adobe Illustrator and was able to knock out those funny Jane vignettes like crazy. I suppose Jane has been ONE of the muses in my mind for many years.