Original artwork transforms common objects into products that make a statement. Choosing the right type of surface design for your brand and products makes the difference between BLAH and WOW. 

Designs that POP

I love using bold colors in BIG ways. I look for color combinations that I like and then start drawing. Usually, something has sparked my imagination like a song, a flower, or another drawing.

Seamless Repeat Patterns

I create vector-based, seamless repeat patterns from hand-painted designs and vector graphics. I’ve tried defining my style many times over the years but the only thing I can come up with is big, bright, bold, sassy, classy, abstract, and hmmm…big, again. 

Fun, Unique, Original

I like to mix things up and experiment with the placement of designs, colors in a pattern, and the size of objects. Just changing the size and placement of something can change the look and feel of the product completely.

Funky, Cool Placement Designs

Placement designs can be used alone or in combination with a pattern to make a line of products stand out. One cool illustration or motif can set the tone for an entire brand or product line. 


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