Artistic Directors, Buyers, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, and Brand Partners

Looking for fresh designs for your products?Existing patterns and designs are available for licensing or purchase and can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Do you have great ideas for products but you’re not sure how to get those ideas on something REAL? Let’s do it! I can help you create designs for a product line that’s unique and true to your vision. 


Advance Against Royalties

This payment arrangement requires a fee paid up front and a percentage of product sales until the agreed upon contract price is reached.


This arrangement includes a percentage of total sales of product/products using the purchased design.

One-Time Flat Fee

The purchase price of the design is set and paid at the beginning of the design process. The fee doesn’t change no matter how many products are sold.

Additional Services

The fees associated with content creation, graphic design, and large scale design vary greatly depending on the project.

  • Content Creation and Graphic Design: approx. $75-$100 per hour

  • Large Scale Murals: approx. $30-$50 per square foot

  • Specialty & Faux: approx. $80-$100 per hour



If you are a creative entrepreneur, art director, manufacturer, or product developer and would like access to the ever-growing pattern vault, please get in touch. 

I look forward to hearing from you.